Single Kiasi Season 2 debut 2023, Sintamei, Mariah, and Rebecca’s bonus roles revealed

Single Kiasi Season 2 debut 2023

Single Kiasi series will return for a second season after the popularity of season 1. Production on the second season has started, and it will debut in 2023.

Three Nairobi-based women’s lives are followed in Single Kiasi as Sintamei, Mariah, and Rebecca navigate marriage, relationships, and professional obstacles in the script.

Single Kiasi series new roles

In the second season of the series, which starts a few months after the dramatic ending of the first season, which made the characters question their relationships, the characters will go through life-changing events that will have unexpected effects on their relationship.

The second season will examine a variety of subjects, including self-acceptance, forgiveness, and loyalty.

This season will have exciting adventures, glitz, and funny meetings with a wide range of colourful new and returning cast members. There will also be situations that test the three main characters and their close relationships.

Single Kiasi Series cast

The second season will also have a brand-new cast, which includes; Grace Wacuka, Fidel Maithya, Quincy Rapando, Mufasa Kibet, aka Mufasa Poet, Ciku Shire, Ian Mbugua (Chaguo), and others.

The series director was excited about the next season and said that the show was the most watched because it had been watched for 13 weeks in a row.

Kahaki is once again producing the second season with her Emblem collaborator, Philip Bresson.
The second season of Single Kiasi will air on Showmax.

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