‘Entertain me’ Ylona Garcia makes it big to the gaming industry

' Entertain me' Ylona Garcia

“Entertain Me.” Singer Ylona Garcia, who is Filipino and Australian and lives in the US, dropped her new song early this year and is still trending.

The song is shooting up big in the gaming market as it serves as the theme music for the first-person shooter Valorant.

The song “Entertain Me” is dedicated to Neon, a Filipino agent in the Riot Games with electricity-based abilities and a strong emphasis on speed.

In the blink of an eye, she unleashes her characteristic “overdrive ultimate ability” with a rush of very potent speed. She is…  Quick, powerful, and intelligent.

‘ Entertain me’ Ylona Garcia Video

Watch Ylona as Neon in the futuristic music video for her song “Entertain Me.”

Which Ylona performance has had the most impact on you in the past? Take a big breath and sing it!

” My intuition has always been strong. And I see warning signs in your eyes. “

The upbeat appeal and pop of “Entertain Me” entice you to dance and sing along. With her advice to “never take things too seriously but instead be mindful of your next move in the game of life,” Ylona gives us real power.

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