BetNare Kenya: Best BetNare jackpot bonus with 9/- stake using BetNare paybill number 4087777, promotions

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You may start a BetNare account without spending any money and with no commitment by registering.

You may update your bets and other account information via your account. Before you can place bets, you must fund your account with real money.

How to Deposit, Withdraw, and Join

Send “JOIN” to 29877 to register through SMS. A confirmation message will be sent to you along with a link that will take you to terms and conditions page. You may open an account after reading and comprehending the terms and conditions.

Withdrawing money is as simple as depositing it. For instance, to withdraw KSH 100 from your account, send the following SMS message to 29877: W#100, where W denotes Withdraw and 100 denotes the amount you wish to withdraw.

BetNare Paybill number 4087777

Utilise the BetNare Paybill number (4087777), which was issued to you after registration, to send money using your mobile device’s mobile money menu. 4087777 is the M-Pesa Paybill number.

Note that all providers of mobile money services use the same withdrawal format. as in M-Pesa. Your Mobile Money account (M-Pesa) will be credited when you get a confirmation message from 29877, and your mobile service provider will send you a second confirmation SMS to that effect.

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BetNare Jackpot bonus

A pool betting facility called the BetNare Daily Jackpot is advertised and run by BetNare on pre-selected football games.

The BetNare Daily Jackpot tournament involves picking the winners of nine matches that BetNare chooses each day.

You must register on, have at least KES 9 in your account, and participate to be eligible to win the jackpot.

If you correctly guess the results of all 9 matches, you will win the daily jackpot prize of Kshs 99,999.00/=.

After 90 minutes of play, including any overtime, the official results of each match will be announced. No additional time or penalty shootouts are permitted.

Kenyan residents who are 18 years of age or older may enter the tournaments. Identification and age verification must be provided.

The daily jackpot reward amount is KES 99,999.00.

BetNare bonus and promotions and terms

When people sign up for this tournament, they are assumed to have read and agreed to these rules and to be bound by them.

In a daily jackpot, the prize amount is subject to variation.

A total of 9 pre-selected football games form the basis of the Daily Jackpot.

Each Daily Jackpot winner will receive an equal share of the daily jackpot sum, any consolation prizes, and/or any extras.

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