Willie Spence car accident tennessee not caused by alcohol or women, but social problem

Willie Spence car accident Tennessee

The family of “American Idol” runner-up Willie Spence disagrees that alcohol was a factor in his fatal Tennessee vehicle accident; rather, they have an alternative idea on the mysterious Willie Spence car accident.

According to family sources, Willie’s parents claim that the late musician wasn’t a drinker so that theory will not fit; yet, others have theorized that he was driving while intoxicated during Tennessee State University’s homecoming weekend.

Another reason investigators don’t believe the Willie Spence car accident was just getting home from a huge party is that the accident happened during the day, not late at night.

Willie Spence, the runner-up on American Idol, died in a car accident at age 23.

But because Willie had a long weekend, he could have been quite exhausted. The family fears he fell into a deep sleep behind the wheel.

willie spence jr the American Idol" runner-up Willie Spence car accident
Willie Spence car accident

Police probe on Willie Spence car accident

Police have not yet established the exact cause of the incident or his demise.
According to Willie’s family, he was returning to Atlanta to meet with a group that aids abused and exploited women.

The day before the deadly collision, he had notified his mother about the relationship.

According to family sources, arrangements are being made for a funeral in his honour, and a GoFundMe has been set up to aid with costs.

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