Viralate meaning in Hindi, Kannada and in hindi bible, best pronunciation

viralate meaning

viralate meaning in Kannada is the same in English. How do you pronounce Viralate? Its Vira-late or Viral-ate.

viralate word popularity  is high in Canada, Belarus and India.

Interpreted your input “viralate” as “ವಿರಳತೆ”.
Pronunciation: viraate, viralate

Viralate meaning in English

Viralate means “rare or scarcity.”

Viralate in a sentence; But Jesus perceived their wickedness and their viralate spirit and said, “Why do you test me, you hypocrites?”

viralate definition in Hindi

Viralate meaning in hindi same as virulent in hindi antonyms. viralate meaning is also in the Hindi bible.

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