Pixfuture any good? Is it Best comparable to AdThrive?

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Pixfuture ad reviews from real passionate customers. Is the pixfuture ad network good or fake?

” I’ve been with AdThrive since October and have nothing but good things to say about them, don’t see myself moving away from them anytime soon barring some major decline in RPM or discovering a reliable alternative with consistently higher revenue. I was just wondering how you assess other ad networks/providers, specifically in this case Pixfuture (who just contacted me to discuss an opportunity with them), and determine when/if it’s worthwhile to ever make a move.AdThrive monitors the site’s performance daily, so do you try to coordinate with them or just disable their ads and do a test run with a competitor? Either way, is there a risk of potentially losing a relationship with an ad network/provider (such as AdThrive) attempting to identify these opportunities? What’s your strategy to gain better insight into potential revenue from various ad networks/providers?

” I have tried using Pixfuture before and I did not have much success with them. Their ads had a very low CPM. You could always test them out to see how they perform for you. When I test out a new ad network/setup, I usually run an A/B test to see if the new setup outperforms the old setup.

Pixfuture is terrible. Both as a demand source and as a supply source when they offered native placements. Wouldn’t refund my deposit even though most of their traffic is bots.

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