California Oakland school shooting 2022, random incident or physiologic problem

Oakland school shooting

Oakland school shooting takes a new twist while shocking investigators. Investigators are searching for suspects involved in a gunshot that took place on a school campus in East Oakland, California, on Wednesday that left six people wounded.

At a press conference on Wednesday night, Oakland Police Assistant Chief Darren Allison said that the building was home to four different schools.

The assistant police chief said that the schools vary from middle to high schools.
Six individuals who had “some relation to the school” were discovered wounded from severe injuries when cops first got on the scene, according to Allison. The assistant chief did not say if the casualties were employees or students.

Oakland school shooting victims

Two of the victims, who had injuries that may have killed them, were among the six who were taken to hospitals. Three victims have already been freed; two more are about to be released; and the fourth is receiving non-life-threatening medical attention.

Despite the possibility that there were other shooters, Allison said that police were focusing on one perpetrator.

According to Allison, it is a genuine tragedy every time there is a gunshot in our neighbourhood. “But when shootings happen in our schools, involving our kids, as a mom, I absolutely understand the fear, the emotion, and the panic. It is just wrong. “

According to police spokesman Paul Chambers, officers searched the school earlier in a “methodical” hunt for more evidence. According to Chambers, authorities are still unsure if the shooting was a targeted crime involving people who knew one another or a random incident.

According to the statement, although Oakland Academy of Knowledge (OAK) is close by, the event was not at OAK and had nothing to do with that primary school.

The deputy police chief said that officials have subsequently evacuated the school’s campus. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) said Wednesday afternoon that it was also heading to the Oakland school shooting site.

The California governor’s office described the Oakland school shooting as “a horrible form of aggression that has gotten all too common” in a tweet.

“Our children were once again caught in the crossfire.” The governor’s statement also said, “This cannot go on; gun violence has stolen too much from our society.”

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