Afropop star preedymusiq blasts fans on social media over 2021 Tiktok video trend

Glen Sithole Preedymusiq

Afropop musician Glen Sithole, better known by his stage name Preedymusiq, from South Africa, hits social media. Preedymusiq is a producer, performer, and composer who has put a lot of effort into making a name for himself in the music business.

It all began in 2014 when he joined the school chorus in high school to showcase his singing ability. There, he received a lot of support and comments from many individuals, which encouraged him to start pursuing music more seriously.

After submitting his first song to the local radio station and having it included in the playlist, he decided to pursue music as a vocation. A job interview was also presented to him.

Preedymusiq Tiktok Videos

He made up his decision to pursue music as a profession after receiving one phone call from a radio station since he could see the light from the start. With the song covers he posted on Tiktok in 2021, he took over the social media channels.

Glen Sithole alias Afropop star Preedymusiq
Afropop musician Glen Sithole alias Preedymusiq 1

When he joined the Tiktok community, his fan following significantly expanded. His videos were widely distributed, and fans from many other provinces and nations embraced his music. Things began to become more and more evident after he was uncovered by so many well-known musicians in South Africa. To be acknowledged by some of the artists whom he admires was a major accomplishment for him.

For this young superstar, the future is promising. Later in 2021, he published the hit song “Ulwandle,” which became popular on Tiktok thanks to challenges posed by users and the song’s over 10,000 Tiktok videos.

Every season, Preedymusiq releases new songs, and fans are always supportive of him. In 2022, he started his own record company called “Ulwandle Records,” through which he sold his songs.

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