Google migrates Structured Data testing Tool to new Schema Markup Validator modest domain

Structured Data Testing tool to Schema Markup Validator

Google’s Rich Results Test exited beta in July. The Structured Data Testing Tool was deprecated in that blog article.

Google listened to developer concerns and updated the Structured Data Testing Tool’s future.

Structured Data Testing Tool new domain

Google migrated the Structured Data Testing Tool to a new domain on April 2021 to better promote open standards and development.

The program will assess syntax and adherence. The tool will no longer examine Google Search rich results.

Use the Rich Results Test to test your Google Search markup.

Top 4 Structured Data Testing tools

  • Google’s Rich Results Test tool checks your desktop and mobile site’s structured data for rich results. It checks for Google SERPs distinctive aspects, therefore it’s essential if you’re optimizing your website for Google.
  • JSON-LD Playground analyzes your structured data syntax versus JSON standards to guarantee it is accurate. Enter your structured data markup code to obtain a summary.
  • Bing’s Markup Validator checks your site’s structured data for markup issues and offers fixes. This webpage is for enhancing Bing SERPs. Levitating over a problem displays a chat window with solutions.
  • SEO Site Checkup’s Structured Data Test evaluates HTML Microdata compliance. To use, paste the page’s URL and run the test.

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