How to completely fix Mycred Plugin ranks not updating, broken image on user’s profiles problem

Mycred Plugin for wordpress

When the balance points are more than what is needed to advance to the next level, the rankings are not updated. The Mycred plugin for WordPress users can misbehave.

Others saw a broken image on the accounts or users’ profiles. How can you fix that?

Suddenly, when points are updated, rankings are not updated. Some have done everything indicated in previous forums, including Bulk Actions>Edit>Update, but nothing has changed. Could someone please assist? Yes. It is very simple to fix that issue.

Others have tried using other browsers, deactivating their browser cache, and creating the rankings once again… Nothing appears to be working. Without any luck, they have also tried the “Remove All Ranks,” “Assign Ranks to Users,” and “Calculate Totals” options.
One quick fix is to turn off coupons, statistics, and transfers, and everything seems to be working again. There seems to be a problem with the myCred Addon. Some of the add-ons create bugs.

Even though I noticed that WPML didn’t work with the add-ons before I deleted it, nothing changed while I was still using it.

Mycred Plugin quick fixes

When the base myCred, Ranks, Email Notifications, and Gateway are all installed together, the Ranks update very smoothly.

By uninstalling the mycred plugin along with its data and installing it again, the problem is completely fixed. Bugs disrupt the plugin, but this is the ultimate fix.

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