What Occasions are perfect to Gift Your Beloved a Turquoise Ring?

Turquoise Ring

Giving the gift of jewelry has been a tradition since ancient times at every kind of occasion or ceremonial event. Gifting Turquoise jewelry shows affinity and love between the wearer and the giver, boosting their bonding most substantially. Moreover, jewelry is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and love in its wearer’s life.

Jewelry can be gifted in any form like Silver, Gold, and Gemstones according to the user’s wearing style and interests. But in the last few decades, giving gemstone jewelry has become more trendy and popular because of its shimmering presence and healing features. 

This blog will talk about the occasions you can gift Turquoise Jewelry to your beloved and its healing and metaphysical benefits. It is one of the most beautiful crystals that pick up every gemstone lover for self uses and gifting purposes. The blue-colored gem is also known as the stone of transformation due to its super absorbing nature.

However, the ring can be worn in many forms, like necklaces, pendants, and other forms of jewelry.But the turquoise Ring is a highly demanding component of crystal jewelry because of its matching attributes in every attire and easy maintenance.

Occasions which you can gift a Turquoise Ring

Occasions become the reason to bring happiness and joy in our lives, such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and other important events. During these events, every person wants to give a unique gift to their closer ones, making a memorable moment in life.

  • In the last several years, using the crystal ring for ring ceremonies and wedding anniversaries has become a trend because of its stunning look and light-weight so that you can gift a Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring to your spouse on your wedding anniversary.
  • According to astrology, the Turquoise is assigned as a December birthstone. So you can gift a Turquoise Ring to your beloved if their birthday falls in December or they were born under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Scorpio.
  • This is the best gift for giving on some special days like women’s day, Friendship day, valentine’s day, and many more events to show affinity towards your loved ones. 
  • If you and your partner are planning to travel anywhere, then both of you can hold a turquoise Ring to protect you from any misfortune and bad experiences during traveling. 
TQR Turquoise

Meaning and the Healing features of the Turquoise

After knowing the perfect timings of gifting the ring, you must be aware of the Blue Turquoise Stone‘s meaning and healing features. 

The term Turquoise is derived from the Middle English turkeys and the Anglo turquoise. It is believed that the mineral was then transported to the western region through Turkey. It ranges from dark blue to greenish-blue coloured stone and has an opaque crystal in appearance.

Afghanistan, China, Mexico, Brazil, and Iran are the primary sources of finding the stone’s best quality. Turquoise can promote calming, soothing, and protective energy to its user. We can understand in brief its healing features by following points.

  • Astrologers suggest this stone to stimulate the third eye and throat chakra of the body, which is responsible for improving communication skills and throat-related issues.
  • Turquoise has the capability to balance emotions; it is an excellent crystal for meditation activities. One can use it as a mediate tool to get higher spiritual advantages.
  • Turquoise promotes self-realization and helps the wearer to achieve what they want in all aspects of their life. 

The best source for buying a Turquoise Ring

Whenever you think about buying the Ring or any other jewelry accessory, you should consider reliable sources of getting it. An authentic source makes you able to get genuine crystal jewelry.

Rananjay Exports is a renowned producer and supplier of wholesale Gemstone Silver Jewelry worldwide. They use 925sterling silver metal to create mesmerizing jewel pieces like rings, necklaces, pendants, etc. So check out the website now and order your favourite Ring collection. Moreover, you can also get some reward points while ordering.  

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