Best TrafficJunky review for publishers for high Adult CPM and CPC geo-traffic

Top TrafficJunky review for publishers

In this TrafficJunky review for publishers with Adult content who wants to monetize their content, Traffic Junky ads are superb with high CPM and CPC.

This legislation also applies to the other nodes in the affiliate chain, including the ad networks from whom you acquire traffic. Ad networks that do not evolve with the times are far more likely to become obsolete.

TrafficJunky has redesigned its DSP to incorporate updated pricing models as well as a slew of new and exciting features to its self-serve platform. In this TrafficJunky review for publishers and advertisers, we’ll dive in.

Top TrafficJunky review for publishers

TrafficJunky review for publishers benefits

If you’ve never used TrafficJunky before, start from scratch and forget all you think you know. It’s time to join the dark side of affiliate marketing, where the cash flows like a river and the ladies are as hot as they come!

TrafficJunky is a self-serve demand-side platform (DSP) based on CPMs that focuses on high-value traffic from some of the top adult publishers in the world.

The platform has been completely redesigned to enable programmatic advertising and real-time reporting, and the new interface reflects this.

These modifications have a big impact on how you execute your campaigns and how well they work.

TrafficJunky Good CPM and CPC geo-location

At the time of creating this TrafficJunky review for publishers, TrafficJunky is primarily focused on traffic from Tube sites, with Tier 1 Geos accounting for up to 75% of total worldwide traffic.

This is good news for affiliates that run deals for visitors from North America, Europe, and even Asia.

Over 150 million daily visitors generate over 4.6 billion daily ad impressions on the TrafficJunky network.

TrafficJunky review for publishers denotes that it’s the only top Ad network for none compliant top sites with main Ads networks. The ad firm, which is situated in Montreal, was founded in 2008 and provides a variety of targeting choices, reporting features, and auto-optimization tools.

Top TrafficJunky review for publishers

Using TrafficJunky to Add Creatives

The new TrafficJunky platform allows you to quickly develop high-converting campaigns with unlimited earning possibilities.

To begin with, TrafficJunky follows a different path than you may imagine. Before you start developing a campaign, you’ll need to set up your creatives.

While this may appear odd at first, it makes perfect sense. Having a pre-approved pool of creatives saves time and expedites the creation of campaigns.

Because ad creatives can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to get authorized, it’s a good idea to upload all of them first and then set up your campaign while you wait for them to be accepted. When you get to the following level, you’ll be able to see the creatives and choose which ones to use in the campaign.

Using the Add Creative option, you may submit one of four types of images:

  • Static Banner
  • Video Banner
  • Overlay Logo (the logo image to be added as a top layer of video banners)
  • In-Stream Video

It’s worth mentioning that not all banner types are compatible with all targeting choices, so double-check that the banner type you want is accessible for the ad spot you want.

Autopilot for Advertisers and Publishers

You have the option of turning on Autopilot before saving the campaign. Based on the effectiveness of your ads, this technology employs an algorithm to automatically alter the creatives presented in your campaign.

It works by altering the ad weights and automating rotation to ensure that your best-converting advertisements are seen more often. To utilize this tool, you must first pick a conversion tracker. Share our article TrafficJunky review for publishers, create your fortunes at

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