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Rank Math SEO

In order to rank higher in search results, WordPress website owners should invest in a solid, portable, impressive, all-around SEO plugin. Because of this, Rank Math SEO was created to fill the larger gap between WordPress users who have quality content that isn’t showing up in the top search engine results.

There is an abundance of search engine optimization plugins in the WordPress plugin repository. Choosing the right plugin is critical. So, why exactly should you think about purchasing the premium version of the RankMath ultimate SEO plugin?

Why purchase RankMath

We’re not going to brag about ourselves, but we’re going to tell you why Rank Math is the best SEO plugin out there.

Rank Math is a free and easy-to-use SEO plugin for WordPress. Also has a premium upgrade for more exclusive features. It handles every aspect of the technical optimization, freeing up your time and effort to concentrate on improving the quality of the content you produce.

Ran Math quick indexing technique
Bulk Edit Options

It provides you with everything you need to get your website higher on the search engine results page (SERP) by combining all of the essential features that website proprietors have come to expect from all of the SEO plugins and Analysis Plugins into a single, user-friendly package that combines all of these features into a single, cohesive whole.

Special Rankmath features

  • Do you have to go through the hustle of manual redirecting your posts if you change the URL?
  • Do you have to manually write the alternative texts for all images you have on your website?
  • Do you have to install many plugins like for sitemap, schema, auto image alternative text, URL redirection, analytics, web analyser, and instant indexing among others to run your site?
  • Do you add SEO plugins and find that your site runs slow due to bloating?
  • Do you have original and good content but you find that your site is nowhere in the SERP?

Rankmath SEO is now a plugin that provides all features in a single dashboard with modules that can be enabled and disabled. It’s the ultimate SEO plugin for WordPress users.

With the Rank Math plugin, you do not have to worry about speed because it is lightweight compared to other SEO plugins.

The instant indexing feature allows the publisher to concentrate on content and leave the rest to the Rank math plugin.

Rank math takes a website to the top search results with just quality and unique content.

With regards to the schema, all are inbuilt and it’s upon the publisher to select the type of schema according to the content available.

Rank math Schema

  • Article
  • News
  • Blogpost
  • Video
  • Service
  • Howto
  • Fact check
  • Review
  • Recipe
  • Person
  • Book among others.

Rank Math has surpassed Yoast plugin, All in One SEO, and Jetpack, amongst other competitors, with superior functionality after Yoast SEO’s decade-long reign as the dominant SEO plugin.

It’s the first modular-based SEO plugin that becomes much lighter if features unrelated to the website are disabled.

Benefits of using Rank Math SEO

The advantages of having Rank Math on your website are enormous. Below are just sampled benefits of ranking the world’s upcoming best plugin Rankmath.

  1. Strengthen faster indexing
  2. Reduced website size hence reducing loading time
  3. Choosing best Schema
  4. Boost organic traffic having higher ranking in search engines.
  5. Reduces plugins in site. It reduced to over 5 plugins that could have been installed.
  6. Strengthening domain rating and ranking.
  7. Make website SEO analysis much easier
  8. Improve ranking on forums, e-commerce and networking based sites.
  9. Seamless integration with most themes and other plugins.
  10. Best SEO for AMP enables sites.

1. Strengthen faster indexing

Rank Math is equipped with the most effective features available to propel your website to the top of the search results page in the various search engines. It has instant indexing and index now for faster indexing in global search engines.

Reduces problems that would have been created by your website either by forgetting, skipping or internal misconfiguration.

Below are examples of problems that hinder better ranking;

  • Blank image alternative text.
  • Page loading errors
  • Bloat; heavy pages result to more loading time. Google prefers pages loading at less than 2.5 seconds.
  • Unknown schema
  • Unreadable sitemap

With Rankmath SEO, forgotten alternative text for images can be added automatically with just a single click. It has an SEO analysis feature that lets you find mistakes on your website and fix them so that it ranks better.

With a good cache plugin the website loads in the blink of an eye. Just like this website. Google pagespeed, thinkwithgoogle page test and webpagetest, gmetrix among other tools will appreciate the speed of the site.

On the other hand, other SEO plugins might require a tooth extraction in order to complete the loading of just one page due to bloat.

2. Reduced website size

As was the case in the past, an individual might be required to install multiple plugins in order to conduct website analysis, analytics, auto image alternative text, sitemap, or Schema among other related tasks.

All these plugins add code size to your website. Now with Rankmath, all necessary plugins to take your website further in the search results are under one roof.

3. Schema

Every webpage that appears in the search results is organized into one of several categories in order to achieve higher rankings. Search engines understand content better through schema data.

News sites like CNN, Aljazeera, fox, and standard news among others use news schema. Now Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex among other search engines understand your website according to the nature of the content.

Rank math has a special feature for each page to configure schema according to content.

Rank Math SEO analysis tool
Schema generator

4. Boosting organic traffic

Rank math reduces wasted traffic. Changed URLs can have automatic redirection. The “no-follow” or “do-follow” attribute can be automatically applied to external links. It is much better for those on affiliate programs or running affiliate websites due to domain scores and spam.

Auto alternative text for images boosts traffic because of organic traffic originating from image searches.

RankMath’s keyword option works its magic to provide users with a deeper comprehension of the pages they’re analyzing. You will have the opportunity to add the most effective keywords for your webpage through Rank Math.

To make it better, it helps you choose the keywords through the content AI feature. With this feature, the website owner can find what is better for the page instead of guesswork.
Rank math Trends

5. Reduce plugins

Before coming to Rankmath I had;

  • Google sitekit for traffic analysis.
  • Sitemap plugin
  • Schema plugin
  • Image auto alternative text plugin
  • Instant indexing plugin
  • Auto Redirection plugin
  • htaccess editor plugin
  • Web analysis plugin like semrush and ahrefs among others.

Now, had to remove all the above plugins and others with only one RankMath SEO replacement.

The move increases the site speed by over 50%. There are a lot of plugins that add extra code that isn’t necessary.

6. Strengthening domain rating and ranking

At the start of the domain, the domain rating was low. Within a month, the domain rating improved. Ranking in Alexa moved from 10 Million to 3 Million within a month and below to 500K in less than a year.

7. Easier website SEO analysis

Rank Math SEO analysis tool
Rank Math SEO analysis tool

Rank math has an inbuilt SEO analysis feature. The feature examines;

  • Posts keyword
  • Meta Description
  • Loading speed
  • Image alternative text
  • Minified scripts both CSS and JS
  • Page size
  • Focus keyword
  • Robots.txt
  • Headers
  • Permalinks among others

8. Forums, Community and e-commerce sites

Rank math has exclusive compatibility with buddy press, woo commerce and buddy press forums.

That means no traffic can go to waste with the better forum, community site and e-commerce keywords added with Rank Math.

9. Integration with other themes and plugins

The rank math team is constantly working to broaden the compatibility nature of the vast market of plugins. On the other hand, the vast majority of themes and plugins are compatible, making WordPress much simpler to use. Rank Math has been tested with and supports all major WordPress themes.

No custom coding or coding experience is required. Only enabling and disabling features because the Rank math is modular.

List of some featured compatible plugins with special support;

  • WPBakery. By WPBakery.
  • Tutor LMS. By Themeum.
  • Oxygen Builder. By Soflyy.
  • PostX. By WPXPO.
  • JetEngine. By Crocoblock.
  • HQ Widgets for Elementor. By HQWebS.
  • Joli Table Of Contents. By WPJoli.
  • WP All Import. By Soflyy.

10. AMP best compatibility

With AMP for WP, you can add Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project) technology to your WordPress site right away. Your website will load faster for mobile users thanks to AMP.

When it comes to SEO tools, Rank Math is like having a Swiss army knife for WordPress. It grants you complete control over the on-page search engine optimization of your entire website.

You must enable the AMP module from the Rank Math > Dashboard > Modules area to utilize an AMP plugin.

Rank Math Plans

Rank Math SEO analysis tool
Rank Math plans

Get Rank Math SEO Today

With the exception of the Agency plan, Rank Math provides two premium options for all bloggers. The Pro and Business plans are the two options.

The Pro Plan costs $59 annually.

Bloggers, individuals, and sole proprietorships will benefit from this strategy. It can track up to 500 keywords and be used on an infinite number of personal websites. You’ll also get 15 free content AI credits each year to help you improve your content using AI.

$199 per year for a business plan

Freelancers, businesses, and even agency owners will benefit from the Business Plan. It may be used on an infinite number of personal websites as well as 500 client websites. It has a 10,000-keyword capacity. Each year, you’ll receive 125 free content AI credits to help you improve your content using AI.

In Summary

You will save cash by using Rank Math. Rank Math saves you a lot by combining the capabilities of many SEO packages into one convenient bundle.

You may save time and effort by using Rank Math. The TEAM developed features of Rank Math to assist you in optimizing your content and website on autopilot, saving you time and effort.

You get more organic visitors using Rank Math. Rank Math generates a lot of traffic from your present content thanks to its content optimization, rich snippets, and intelligent link building.

Rankmath takes up very little space on the website. It’s lightweight and helps by also reducing several plugins that decrease coding further.

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