How easy Fabzen Technologies transform the way people play real-money games -Ludo empire 2022

Fabzen Technologies review

With over 90 million players, the number of live gamers playing real-money games in India has hit an all-time high. Fabzen Technologies has changed the game play.

According to a FICCI-EY analysis released in late 2020, the real-money gaming market is predicted to reach $3.7 billion by 2024, with a CAGR of 32 percent.

Fabzen Technologies, founded in 2017 by IT entrepreneur Mritunjay Kumar Yadav, is a next-gen game publisher that has made significant progress in the real-money gaming industry in a relatively short period of time.

” With our initial launch, Ludo Empire, we at Fabzen Technologies have already established ourselves as one of the key participants in the real money gaming industry,” says the company. Mritunjay Kumar Yadav is an Indian politician.

Fabzen Technologies review
Fabzen Technologies India

Ludo Empire has revolutionized the way we play our beloved childhood board game by implementing a unique ‘Fair Play’ principle that ensures that both competing players receive the same set of numbers after five randomized dice rolls.

Fabzen Technologies real money gaming revolution

Mritunjay at Fabzen Technologies has therefore transformed Ludo into a skill-based game in which live players may tactically plan their movements in order to earn real money online.

Mritunjay said, “Fabzen Technologies has revolutionized real money mobile games by carving out our own sweet spot, a niche for ourselves in the real-money gaming arena by incorporating elements of skill in all our gameplay, which is a gameplay feature seriously lacking in the Indian real money gaming landscape.”

Fabzen is a group of creative game developers, IT professionals, and game designers that are on a quest to create some of the most attractive and fascinating real-time, real-money gaming experiences for the whole world.

“And, of course, we’re all passionate gamers at our core here at Fabzen. We’ve recently released Callbreak Empire, a brand-new, extremely immersive real-money Callbreak game, following the phenomenal success of Ludo Empire, which has over 35 lakh registered users and thousands of active gamers playing 24/7.

Our game developers are about to release 20 more similarly exciting real-money games, including Quiz Empire – a complete online quiz platform to make real money, Cricket Empire – a novel method to establishing the ultimate team to earn cash, and many others.

Fabzen Technologies review
Fabzen Technologies review 1

” In the long run, we at Fabzen want to be a worldwide player in the real money gaming industry.” Our main objective is to make the world a more enjoyable place to live by creating beautifully built real-money games that provide all players with a rewarding experience.”

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