Excellent Newor media ads review: Newor ads vs Adsense header bidding -Scam or Legit 2022

Excellent Newor media ads review

This is the first-ever and Excellent Newor media ads review. Publishers are not bound by contracts or exclusivity with Newor Media, so you can utilise them with AdSense or any header bidding ads.

We are comparing the two giant and contrary header bidding ad networks. As a result, you may take advantage of everything they provide while maintaining your AdSense account. This is how you may boost your AdSense profits significantly.

Excellent Newor media ads review today

Newor Media Ads vs Adsense Ads Increased Ad rates

As a header bidding supplier, they have a wider pool of advertisers than AdSense.

As a result, by including them in your stack, you gain more competition and money.

User experience with ads

You’ll have a better user experience with Newor Media because they focus on site speed and layout optimization.

Users will not have to suffer with delayed loading or intrusive advertising.

Newor Media provides a variety of ad solutions that AdSense does not. You can benefit from them by combining them with AdSense in your stack.

Using technologies like ad-block recovery and ad-refresh, you can make money that you wouldn’t have made with AdSense.


Which one has good CPM and CPC? AdSense pays per click, which many bloggers find confusing. If your click-through rates are normally poor, Newor’s cost-per-impressions (view) approach will make you more money.

Newor media Scam or Legit

Newor media is a legit ads network firm with proof of payment. It is the only header bidding display ads network after google that offers transparent review methods with actual payout.

Its header bidding system can help you take your ad income to the next level by ensuring that you get more money for each impression on your website.

This network, like any other premium ad publishing network for publishers, focused on growing ad revenue.

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Newor Ads review for publishers

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