Best MonetizeMore ads review for publishers aiming to triple revenue

MonetizeMore ads

MonetizeMore ads review for publishers looking to triple their website revenue. Why you will need to dump Adsense to maximise website revenue proportional to your effort?

MonetizeMore began its operations in 2010 as one of the first global ad serving firms using intelligence by consolidating ad inventory optimization than management.

Premium Monetizemore ads

Premium ads delivery platforms can earn a share of the increased ad revenue through MonetizeMore. This was novel since no ad procedures consultant or SSP would ever risk financial loss if they couldn’t provide m
any optimized results.

MonetizeMore ads review for publishers
MonetizeMore ads

MonetizeMore pioneered its system by raising ad sales by millions of dollars at one of Canada’s major online classified networks.

Monetizemore ads google premium patner

MonetizeMore’s gratis product and continuous performance drew Google’s attention, and the two companies teamed to give MonetizeMore access to a Google Ad Exchange (AdX) master account.

MonetizeMore ads are able to give AdX demand to any of its publisher partners as a result of this. Because AdX is the greatest display ad monetization platform, MonetizeMore was able to boost its publishers’ ad performance even more.

MonetizeMore became a Google Certified Partner at the end of 2014, as the cooperation between Google and MonetizeMore developed. Google approved MonetizeMore as a partner they could vouch for because of their leadership in outsourced ad operations and professional usage of Google AdSense, AdX, and DFP.

For premium publishers, it focuses on high page RPM performance, rapid page load times, and clear reporting.

Monetizemore CPM, RPM and CPA

MonetizeMore ads review for publishers  photo
MonetizeMore ads preview

Publishers have witnessed regular high page RPM improvements thanks to the combination of AdX, MonetizeMore Demand header container, and premium publisher offering.

MonetizeMore is a globally distributed organization with employees located all over the world.

They believe that this method works effectively for managing their publishing partners, who are spread across more than 40 countries and practically every time zone conceivable.

Customizable ad optimization, specialized ad optimization teams, customized and transparent reporting, responsive support, innovative ad optimization technology, and a flexible price structure are all available to publishers from any region.

Monetizemore review on traffic requirement

What we didn’t like about MonetizeMore: Reporting isn’t automatic yet, and you have to have a lot of traffic to participate.

  • Minimum monthly traffic: 500k page visits
  • Language requirement for the publisher: None
  • Content that is not permitted: For AdX, you must strictly follow Google’s terms and conditions.

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