Top Newor Ads review for publishers with new websites and approved Adsense

Newor Ads review for publishers

Newor Ads review – Newor Media is one of the top programmatic ad solutions for publishers, specialising in improving ad revenue through header bidding advertising.

Programmatic advertising is a method of buying and selling advertising space through the use of automated technology.

Its header bidding system can help you take your ad income to the next level by ensuring that you get more money for each impression on your website.

This network, like any other premium ad publishing network for publishers, focused on growing ad revenue.

But the difference is that, after testing a variety of header bidding premium ad networks, found Newor Media to be the best of them all.

Newor Ads review for ads

Newor media ads with Adsense

Bloggers can increase their profits by 50-200 percent by switching or adding them as a partner alongside AdSense.

Because they have contacts with all of the main Supply-Side Networks, they will be able to attract the largest number of bidders for your auction.

Newor Media will assist you in making more money from your blog or website in that manner.

Newor ads review on payment methods

There are three ways to get paid with Newor advertisements.

PayPal Payoneer Wire Transfer, often known as a bank transfer, is a method of transferring money from one account to another.

Newor media ads formats

Google is also supporting video commercials, believing that they would increase advertising revenue in this important field.

Outstream video technology was also developed by Newor Media. You may increase the earnings from your website by including their video advertising on it.

Newor ads can handle a wide range of different ad formats. They collaborate with publishers to enhance revenue by optimising ad kind and layout.

They also include sticky advertisements, display ads, native ads, and more.

Site loading speed

The advertisements delivered by Newor Media are of high quality.

Ads from some of the other ad providers, in general, cause your site to be overly slow and heavy. However, in the case of this supplier, the advertising load more quickly and smoothly.

Newor Ads review for publishers

Newor ads review for approval

This provider requires 30,000 monthly unique visits to approve it.

Their advertising is also incompatible with other header bidding ad systems. At least two ad units must be placed.

All publishers have NET30 payment terms. You’ll get your January earnings in the first week of March, for example.

Newor ads, on the other hand, provides a simple onboarding and integration process. After applying, a publisher will receive notification of acceptance (usually within 1-2 days) and then begin onboarding.

Throughout the process, a professional publisher assists you and even makes recommendations for high-performing items. Hopes the Newor Ads review gave an overview of the ad firm.

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Excellent Newor media ads review

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