Miss grand Ukraine 2021, now a soldier warning Russia of serious outcomes


Ukrainian people have ascended a courageous opposition to the Russian invasion … people from all angles including beauty queens resist. Miss grand Ukraine 2021 joined them

Anastasiia Lenna famously known as the former Miss Grand Ukraine 2021 is now a member of Ukraine’s combatting force to thwart Russia from taking possession of her country.

Lenna has an impact, for real … with more than 115,000 Instagram followers. She’s also a badass, captioning, “Everyone who traverses the Ukrainian border with the purpose to occupy will be murdered!”

The Miss grand Ukraine 2021 paid tribute to the person who has evolved to be a worldwide hero — President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, citing to him as “a true and strong leader.”

Miss grand Ukraine 2021 as a soldier

She has been sharing photos of her in military gear … sporting the guns she’s more than willing to use to defend her homeland.

Miss Grand Ukraine 2021 now a soldier
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Lenna has been appealing to the world for donations to allow her military to fight off the Russians.

Jenna is somehow lingual … she speaks 5 languages and worked as a translator and PR manager.

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