Now Insecure series Season 5 finale, Issa’s love grows strong

Insecure series Season 5 finale Insecure series Season 5 finale

Now episode 8 of the thrilling final season of Insecure is out, Issa’s tussling with TWO very big “choices.

Issa’s lover is as strong as we’ve ever glimpsed it and her career ability seems endless after attaining a big figure offer from NBW.

But when confronted with the choice of moving in with Nathan and a surprising possibility to reconcile and partner with Crenshaw, strength seems little with Issa hilariously contemplating what could be.

Insecure series Season 5 finale

The fiction cycles were highlighted in this week’s episode. (And the show knows it: having Mirror Issa, a fantasy herself, recollect about dream-yeeting Condola’s baby into the trash!).

Insecure series Season 5 finale insider

But contemplating how much Insecure has flirted with time passing this season, Issa’s corporate-track tale was a fantasy at all… until Ty Dolla $ sign appeared to burst Issa’s immaculately outfitted bubble in first class, name dropping Crenshawn as “something like a hood hero or something.”

That should be the exceptional move from the characters as the season ends.

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After her U of M council (hosted by Elaine Welteroth!) during which Issa acknowledges achievement has her out of sync with LA, that information hits different. The Nightmare technique in the Insecure series Season 5 finale.

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