How Haji Salum Mboto easily rebuild Comedy after featuring in 100 movies, Tanzania

Haji Salum Mboto huba actor known as Chidi

Tanzania comedian and actor Haji Salum Mboto explains how he changed career and rebuild comedy in Tanzania with Gladness Kifaluka. Huba, Kitimtim actor turned comedian Haji Salum had to choose another mode of entertainment to survive.

Denge, Super Family and Sina Jinsi movies rocked Tanzania in 2014 featuring top Bongo stars.

Haji Salum Mboto who is a producer, actor and comedian began the journey of transforming the entertainment industry in Tanzania.

Lately, he has been featured in Huba playing as Chidi with top Bongo actress Grace Mapunda.

Haji Salum has been in the industry but with a blend of events; acting, comedy and film production.

Haji Salum Mboto movies

Haji Salum Mboto filmography and biography

He has been featured in over 100 movies since 2014. Now, he is ventured in Tanzania Swahili Telenovela aired on Maisha Magic Bongo.

He has balanced with comedy and recently featured in KitimTim.

Haji Salum Mboto has been the comedy driving force in Tanzania with top Comedienne Gladness Kifaluka.

Haji Salum Mboto movies and photos

Gladness Kifaluka and Haji Salum began a journey of entertainment industry transformation by introducing comedy movies and Swahili comedy Telenovelas.

The duo are among the richest comedians in Tanzania and driving force of the laugh industry.

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