How to add in-feed AdSense ads in modern blogger blog in easy 5 steps

in-feed AdSense ads

In-feed ads are important to monetize when someone scrolls through a website feed. Add in-feed AdSense ads to increase your earning. The place of In-feed ads is between the post feeds. The move aid in generating high CTR, CPC, and user engagements.

Google Adsense introduced two New Types of Ads these are InArticle and In-feed Native Ads. They were presented to boost earning of Adsense Publishers

In the Blogger CMS feed, the In-feed native ads will be visible while the In-Article ad can be presented in the middle of the post. 

How to set up in-feed ads in the Blogger blog feed is easy and explained in detail below.

Step by step on how to add in-feed AdSense ads

Step.1: Got the Adsense account and Create an In-feed Native ad. In the account move to; 

  • My Ads
  • New Ad Unit
  • Native In-feed Ad

Choose a layout accordingly.

Generate the code, copy and paste it into a notepad.

Step.2: Now, Prase the Adsense code click here to Parse your code.

Step.3: Open Blogger Account and Go to Theme. And Select Edit HTML.

Step.4: Search for the code showinlineads

Change the value of ‘showinlineads’ to ‘true’

Then search postsPerAd

Change the value of ‘postsPerAd’ to ‘4’

Change the postsPerAd to any value instead of 1 or 4 or any other. Choose how many posts feed you want to show in-feed AdSense ads, according to the post displayed on the webpage.


Before editing your theme codes, the code will look like this.

<b:widget-setting name='showTimestamp'>true</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='postsPerAd'>1</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='showBacklinks'>false</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='style.bordercolor'>#ff5b4d</b:widget-setting> 
<b:widget-setting name='showInlineAds'>false</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='showReactions'>false</b:widget-setting>

After making changes;

<b:widget-setting name='showTimestamp'>true</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='postsPerAd'>4</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='showBacklinks'>false</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='style.bordercolor'>#ff5b4d</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='showInlineAds'>true</b:widget-setting>
<b:widget-setting name='showReactions'>false</b:widget-setting>

Step 5: Allow Google autoads to display automatic or move to the next step.

Step.6: Find the code <data:adcode/> or <data:this.adCode/> and replace that with the parsed Adsense code in step 2 above.

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