Who is Actress Marjan Faritous – Persia Pele rocks film industry, net worth double

Persia Pele rocks film industry

After being influential and superstar in Hollywood, Marjan Faritous also known as Persia Pele alias Persai Pele has been a household name in the film industry across the world. Persia Pele rocks film industry with her eye-catching movies.

Marjan Faritous current net worth passes $15 Million as accumulated from 1980s to 2021.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Persia star has been bright all through. At the age of 4, she was taken to Europe, for as the Iranian Revolution became tense and violent.

She sought refuge in Florence, Italy, then in Stockholm, Sweden. Marjan Faritous went to San Francisco in 1984, where she began her vision and quest for the arts by attending The School Of The Arts, Macateer high.

Persia Pele rocks film industry

Persia Pele rocks film industry

The American-Iranian star made several movies that got a name include; 

  • Ride Sweet die slow
  • Colour of the cross
  • Girls gone dead
  • What love is

Marjan Faritous is a social woman with a generous heart. She has been forefront in fighting for women rights in the United States and Iran.

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