Google structured data testing tool replaced by new dynamic Structured Data Validator

Google structured data testing tool

Google retired Structured Data Testing Tool that was key for developers and website owners.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool was replaced by google’s rich snippet tool which is less effective than the first tool. Later developed schema validator.

However, Google said that they wanted to give freedom to developers and could not restrict much the coding but stressed on the standards.

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool tested whether the structured data is valid. Contradictory responses are outlined and could be categorised as either warnings or errors.

The tool was mostly loved because it was important for troubleshooting structured data.

A sandbox feature enabled changes to be made right in the tool to examine potential resolutions to errors and provided an interactive way to study structured data code.

All of those useful features are available in the non-Google Structured Data Validator.

Google structured data testing tool retirement

The announcement confirmed the disappointment felt by the SEO and web development community:

“Since then, we’ve heard your feedback and we’d like to give an update on what the future looks like for the Structured Data Testing Tool.

“To better support open standards and development experience, we’re… migrating it to a new domain serving the community… The main purpose of the tool will be to check syntax and compliance of markup with standards.”

The new validator could now be found at with minimal features than the previous tool.

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