Bongo actress Irene Paul reveal clearly behind the scenes on Jua Kali series

Bongo actress Irene Paul

Bongo actress Irene Paul is not a stranger to the famous Bongo Movies. She is among the most talented actresses in Tanzania. She has featured in many movies in East Africa.

He has co-starred in several films and episodes and is currently starring in the Jua Kali drama.

Before featuring in Jua Kali, she has done very well through films like Love & Power, Kibajaji, Kalunde, Fikra Zangu, Penzi la Giza, I Hate My Birthday among others.

Many filmmakers say that Irene was able to justify her role in the drama.

In the recent TV interviews, Bongo actress Irene Paul was asked if she knows that she is very popular. However, her answer surprised many.

“I do not want to say that I am very popular, but all I can say is that my work is very well known, especially since I work with television, then one will be known faster than any other job,” she said.

Bongo actress Irene Paul in the “behind the scenes “

Bongo actress Irene Paul has been in the entertainment industry for over 11 years. She has managed to beautify Television screens with a lot of success.

This time Irene says she has used it to find opportunities that move her profession to the highest level.

Irene began as a radio presenter for several years before diving into acting.

The current Jua Kali series is a drama in which the actress acts as a stepmother in a family with an elderly father with children, one of whom is the same age as the stepmother.

Bongo actress Irene Paul photo
Bongo actress Irene Paul family photos

The drama aims to highlight the conditions that exist in some marriages in Africa wherein her marriage in the drama, Irene says that there are all sorts of sights and plots taking place.

“For example, when I am given the opportunity to act like a woman who has been betrayed in marriage, I may not be married, but because I am a woman I only bring feelings after being betrayed so I can act in those positions,” she says.

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