Actress Nicole Kidman among 3 absolute Hollywood actresses tackled movie toughest dialects

Actress Nicole Kidman

Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet are among the top stars who had tackled tougher accents in impeccable movies.

Actress Nicole Kidman, a 54-year-old actress was raised in the suburbs of Sydney, so when it came time to become Masha for Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers, she plays a Russian living in Australia, something she did perfectly.

In a recent interview, Nicole’s husband Keith Urban was astonished by the character.

“He enjoyed Masha when she came home,” Kidman shared, “He kind of liked the Russian accent, I have to say.”

Manny Jacinto revealed in a separate interview, even one of the most celebrated actresses of our time has yet to master the Canadian accent.

“That was my small contribution to the array of accents that Actress Nicole Kidman can pull off. If she does a Canadian accent later down the road, I think she has to thank me for it,” Manny said.


Actress Nicole Kidman

The actress connected her Australian dialect with a Russian one to portray Masha in Nine Perfect Strangers.

Kate Winslet

Born in the south of England, the Titanic actress had to work with a dialect coach to have proper English for HBO’s Mare of Easttown.

Kate Winslet photo with Actress Nicole Kidman

Jodie Comer

She is a British actress. In the BBC series Killing Eve, Jodie effortlessly switched from British to Russian to French accents in a matter of moments as she represented hitman Villanelle.

Jodie Comer photo. She is a British actress with Actress Nicole Kidman

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