Actor Katy Perry chemistry with her new husband Orlando Bloom causes a stir online

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Actor Katy Perry interaction with future husband Orlando Bloom ignites the celebrity relationship landscape for the better part of five years now.

But her relationship with his ex Miranda Kerr leaves many with questions.

“I love her,” the Australian model and KORA Organics owner Kerr gushed of Perry while arriving on the Moments With Candace Parker podcast on Aug. 17.

And while Kerr isn’t hitting or the three-year marriage that gave their now 10-year-old son Flynn, when it comes to Perry, “It’d be safe to say I love her more than Flynn’s dad.”

After eight years from their divorce, the Carnival Row actor is “like a brother,” Actor Katy Perry said.

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“And most of the time, an annoying brother. So she helps me deal with him because she can deal with him, and I’m so grateful that she’s there. Because it just takes the pressure off me.”

“We go on holidays together,” Kerr noted. “We celebrate all the important milestones together.”

In the 12 months since she came into the world, Daisy Dove Bloom has announced her first words (“She sort of has said a bit of ‘Dada,'” Bloom revealed on The Graham Norton Show in February) discovered to crawl and converted into a whole different human every week.

“The show was kind and considerate of that. I felt supported,” she said.

“She changed something really important inside of me,” the pop star explained during a February appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “And everything I do now, I think of her.”


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