Premier League to use new thicker lines to reduce armpits, toes and forehead offsides

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Now Premier League agrees to use thicker lines when using the video assistant referee(VAR) to examine offside stops in next season to avoid toes and forehead offsides.

The modification is strived to abolish more of the borderline offsides which led to massive complaints last campaign.

There were various examples where a player’s toe or armpit led to goals being ruled out, which fans and pundits felt was wrecking the sport.

On Thursday’s EPL shareholders conducted a meeting and agreed to have that part looked at and reduce complaints.

Thicker lines are already authorized by football’s law-makers and already in use in the Netherlands.

Premier League referees’ board intends to improve use of VAR.

Premier League VAR survey

The referee’s chief Mike Riley also presented the findings of a survey sent to Premier League managers, captains and directors of football which inquired for feedback on VAR.

That came after an endorsement that the density of decision-making suffered last season, with the findings from key figures at clubs aimed at helping referees improve.

Despite that inconsistency, shareholders were also demonstrated that the time taken for the VAR to make a decision was on average quicker than the previous season.

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