Bongo actress Grace Mapunda reveals her latest net worth and career

Bongo actress Grace Mapunda

Bongo actress Grace Mapunda reveals her consistency in the recreation industry in Tanzania. She is a veteran Bongo actress and a longtime gospel church artist.

Famously known as Tesa or Mama Kawele did Health Sciences at Muhimbili University in Tanzania.

The Bongo actress Grace Mapunda is among the top actresses in Swahili wood.

Grace has featured in many movies and other Bongo telenovela. She is among the top female actresses. How she became an actress was just God’s plan.

“My talent that I felt God gave me was singing. I sang a lot in church and even my family as a whole knew I was going to be a lifetime musician, but the second talent came to light through my first child who discovered it, ” she said.

“However, I did not believe it. But from what he saw, he tried to emphasize, using different methods to persuade me, until I came to my senses and started acting, ” she added.

Bongo actress Grace Mapunda first movies

The actress, who has a family of two children whose father passed away, says that she and her family have all found themselves in the wave of acting while her daughter Happiness is acting and singing.

Happiness once starred in her film Fake Smile, her other daughter Ritha is a bongo musician.

Her net worth rose over 10 years ago after her debut Fake Smile and others. She is estimated to be $50 Million worth of her assets and businesses in Tanzania.

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