How a British ruined her life Completely in few seconds online over Africa post

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How a British ruined her life in few seconds online over Africa tweet.

Have you ever seen a person wreck their life in just a few seconds? How did they do it?

Famous Justine Sacco ruined his life in few seconds after tweeting.

A tweet that Justine Sacco sent to her 174 Twitter followers while waiting for boarding in the London airport on 20 Dec 2013.

That tweet changed her life completely and could not forget the embarrassment he underwent from her family and neighbours.

British ruined her life
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No one replied to that tweet and so Justine got on her plane and shut off her phone.

She only switched it on when the plane landed in Cape Town, South Africa.

Only to realise that her dignity was harmed.

British ruined her life over a tweet

Seemingly, someone from her 174 followers got so angry by this stupid joke that (s)he send it to someone else and launched a chain consequence.

What Justine saw when she turned on her phone were thousands of people on Twitter raging at her in the most unusual ways.

And the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet was trending worldwide and marked the beginning of how the British ruined her life.

And then every online journal covered the story. Later, then her mother said some terrible things to her.

After getting to the office, her boss called to say she was fired.

It took a single stupid tweet to destroy Justine’s life. All because people on Twitter decided to publicly convey their feeling about that tweet.

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