You can’t keep secrets… Ashley Benson exposes G-Eazy after reuniting backlash

Ashley Benson exposes G-Eazy

Ashley Benson exposes G-Eazy after reuniting backlash. The couple broke up two months ago over domestic disputes.

Can you keep this secret? Sources indicate that the separated couple Ashley Benson and G-Eazy are on their way back together after solving the hard-hit arguments.  

Ashley has been shedding some mysterious clues on social media of late like the latest, “Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic.”

 That’s the hidden information the Pretty Little Liars alum, 31, posted to Instagram on Wednesday, March 31, just two months after their separation. 

Ashley Benson exposes G-Eazy and later also purportedly been seen liking pics of her and her rapper ex online recently. It led some fans to question if they’ve doubtfully made up and are officially back on.

Fans are asking themselves questions. What is happening in the background? They are keen on getting the couple back.

After Ashley Benson exposes G-Eazy, the Insiders close to G-Eazy, 31, said that the couple has been together a few times recently and are communicating with each other, which is a great development.

“They are in touch and the dust has declined after the fight they had lately,” the insider said.

However, more news regarding the same has been going around for now. Despite the reports, he and Ashley aren’t back together as stated by the insider. It appears there’s still work that needs to be done if they have a chance at reuniting. 

Ashley Benson exposes G-Eazy secret moves

The Insider reveals, “Ashley doesn’t fully trust him and so it’s still tense between them.” 

In February, the couple had a lot of domestic fights, “Ashley didn’t like the way he was performing around her.” 

She also sensed he wasn’t “fully committed” simultaneously. The actress knew G-Eazy whose real name is Gerald Earl Gillum had a character for being a lady’s man, perhaps in part due to allegations made by his ex, Halsey.

Before the split rumours, Ashley spoke to Cosmopolitan about how the couple had been enjoying jazz nights together in quarantine, and she would go to the recording studio to watch him make music. 

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