Zamaradi TV CEO Zamaradi Mketema rebukes Afande Sele move to insult God

Zamaradi TV CEO Zamaradi Mketema

Bongo star and Zamaradi TV CEO Zamaradi Mketema talks about Afande Sele’s move to insult God for taking away the life of President John Pombe Magufuli.

Through her Instagram handle, she penned down an emotional narrative about what Afande Sele said over the death of the late President Pombe Magufuli.

“Let’s not get to the point of blasphemy for things that are normal for human beings, I wanted to be silent but the soul censures me before GOD, that I have failed !! silence !!

” It hypocrisy before GOD that I sing and pray to Him every day and believe in Him.

“We admit that we are all not PERFECT hence sinners before GOD… but there are some people that go beyond.

Zamaradi TV CEO Zamaradi Mketema verse

“I AM VERY AFRAID and even in the Qur’an, it says when you see something bad try to revoke even rebuke it!!

“May I be the one to REBUKE!! and I express my displeasure, because the one we are talking about here is GOD, who defends us in many ways, and we live in His World, ” the Zamaradi TV CEO Zamaradi Mketema added.

“To say and do saying its normal, I have failed and I feel I will be indebted before GOD, and it is because I KNOW HIS GREATNESS!!! ” the Zamaradi TV CEO Zamaradi Mketema said.

“So let me fight for him even with just words, I will have failed if I ignore it, ” she said.

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