Curvy comedian Lucy Mwende opens up about her dramatic, dirty relationship

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Curvy Comedian Lucy Mwende popularly known by her stage name Mwende the Comedian reveals why she opted to stay single after coming back from Saudi Arabia where she was working as a housemaid. Her net worth increased.

Before heading to Saudi Arabia, she was saying locally and her travel marked the end of the relationship.

The Curvy Comedian Lucy Mwende alias KaYellow yellow comedian dated while in Comedy but her partner could not take it seriously.

” I was dating once more when I began my Comedy carrier but he felt like everything to me was just comedy, ” she said.

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Her boyfriend explained to her that there was nothing seriously despite handing her heart fully to him.

Being in a relationship has been a challenging feature for the comedian.

Her strong family has helped her move out of toxic relationships despite the hurting nature.

The Curvy Comedian Lucy Mwende also explains that 2020 was very challenging over the countries restrictions in the containment of the global virus.

Curvy Comedian Lucy Mwende making men drooling

The curvaceous comedian described the firm relationship with her family especial her father.

Curvy comedian Lucy Mwende photo

“2020 was a difficult year because we were used to having shows. I could not imagine that shows could end and depend on social media and YouTube, ” she said.

” My fans, time is now to stock your zeal for the entertainment industry. Make sure when the time comes, you can use your time to be entertained,” she added.


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