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Is your website on and off? Is there constant downtimes than uptimes? Truehost cloud hosting service is best for website perfomance. Below is in depth of the truehost cloud services.

Truehost Cloud Softaculous auto installer is still operational! Getting the best Web hosting firm that has no secret bills, payments or hidden fees during renewals and initial set up is a major concern for the upcoming and existing publishers.

Hosting websites is one of the most competing industry in the world. Their competition however has created an advantage to the website developers and owners due to competitive rates and features.

Because there are many web hosting firms in Kenya, customers looking for the best web hosting services in Kenya can find unnecessary staff with cartel invading the industry.

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Truehost is one of the fastest-growing web hosting and honest firm in Kenya, with thousands of customers taking their businesses online. 

Since it was founded in 2016, Truehost has grown to become more than just a web hosting company and now offers a variety of additional services.

Now the firm provides cloud SSD web hosting in Kenya, domain name registration in Kenya, SSL certificates in Kenya.

Truehost cloud Kenya is a subsidiary of Truehost Cloud from Austin, Texas United States, a globally acknowledged company for its award-winning cloud technology.

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Truehost cloud offer competitive prices for domains cheaper than others which also have hidden fees. Truehost offer reliable web hosting, SSL certificates and very responsive 24/7 customer support.

Web hosting services truehost cloud offer

  • Shared hosting – this is where website owners share a single web server with other websites which means sharing server resources.
  • Dedicated server – the website owner has a whole server and no one else can use it.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) – works like shared hosting, but is subdivided into virtual partitions capable of running on its respective operating system. It’s like a server inside another server.
  • Cloud hosting – this is a collection of servers networked and situated in different parts globally, hence the word ‘cloud’
  • Reseller hosting – as its name suggests, investors acquire web hosting storage and resell it to others

Truehost is among the top web hosting companies in Africa and no worries about website downtime. 

They also have an extensive backup plan. No worries about a lost website because the experts can retrieve all the files from their remote servers in-case of being hacked. 

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