Playabet Jackpot bonuses in Kenya and features than any other betting sites

Playabet jackpot bonus

Playabet Jackpot bonuses in Kenya and features than any other betting sites that you should know.

Founded in 1990 as a casino company in Durban, South Africa, Playabet has now revolved and established in many countries across Africa including Kenya. 

Brad Van Der Vyver is the founder and owner of playa bets. Playa Bets have multiple values that Separate from others born in South Africa.

1.Has a bet Protector

Players get 1X to 50X as stake back if one leg loses out of a multiple bet. The minimum odds is 1.33 per match. Bet protector is valid from 5 matches to 20 and odds must range from 20 to 750 odds.

Playabet jackpot bonuses link listed

2. Bet Odds Booster

Odds booster increases the cash to win and in countries like Kenya, the booster overcomes the increased Value added tax. Kenya introduced other tax titles that affected much on gaming companies. 

The odds booster takes effect from 5+ odds with a minimum of 1.33 odds per match.

3. Playabet jackpot bonuses and cashout

Why gamers or players like the cashout feature? The most important thing is helping bet to go bad. 

Cashout helps to get part of the stake if something happens to the match. Red cards, bad ground, match-fixing, injuries among others can result in a leg lose. 

Cashout is available for both Pre-match and live betting.

4. Customer Service

Customer service is a notch higher and has instant replies on both calls based and chat-based support streams.

5. Home of Jackpots

Playabet jackpot bonuses are several. From 9 legs to 13 legs jackpot with good bonuses.

If the player misses 1 leg out of 9, a playabet jackpot bonus awarded why the 13 Jackpot has bonuses from 10,11,12. 

The prize for the 13 leg Jackpot is Sh 5,000,000 while for 9 legs is Sh 300,000.

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