Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikizolo now welcomes baby girl

Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikizolo

Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikizolo welcomes a new baby girl with his wife, Vourné Williams, a year after a lavish private ceremony.

Theo stated on Wednesday when they welcomed their first child, Alexis-Sky Oratilwe, on January 24.

In an Instagram post, the couple explained that their daughter is an answered prayer.

“We prayed for this child and God granted us. Our hearts desire 1st Samuel 1:27. Born 24/01/2021 Oratilwe Alexis-sky Kgosinkwe,” stated the artist of nine legendary albums with Mafikizolo associate, songbird Nhlanhla Nciza.

In a loving note on Sunday, Vourné reposted photos of their baby gender reveal party.

Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikizolo message

“For this baby, we have prayed for 1 Samuel 1:27. Thank you, God, for making yesterday happen, for blessing us so much this year, “ Nciza said.

” I’m grateful and over the moon excited… it’s been 20 everything for us.”

“She is gonna be as adorable as the mommy. You are gonna be an excellent mom, Babe,” Nciza beautifully stated.

Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikizolo
Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikizolo 21

He wedded to the 26-year-old model in 2019 after three years of dating.

His first union, 15-year marriage to Rose, with whom he has two children, was destroyed in 2015.

“I went into a bad spot with my wife because I was working so hard,” he told DRUM at the time.

“As a solo artist, you have to work additional obdurate because you’re not sharing the weight with anyone. I had to learn to prioritise.”

“I am a very happy and enthusiastic husband. My wife is also joyous. It is during these hard times that we attempt to look for something positive, to stay positive notwithstanding the challenges, “the singer said.

Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikizolo
Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikizolo 3 1

“Love forever wins, even under lockdown. Because of the Covid-19 lockdown, we could not invite some of our family and friends, so we decided to have the celebration next year, ” the singer added.

“A wedding is a festival, and you want those close to you, to be around. We felt like the most important celebration will be held when things are a little better,” said the singer.

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