Talented Javicia Leslie steers CW series Batwoman as first black superwoman

Talented Javicia Leslie

Talented Javicia Leslie now steers Batwoman on a top-notch. She takes over as CW superwoman.

“We worked hard to come back from what I think people thought would break us,” Javicia Leslie after taking over as the eponymous hero in the hit CW series Batwoman following Ruby Rose’s sudden departure after season 1.

“I’m proud of our team for making magic. Cause to me, I’ve watched the first two episodes and I love them.”

The Talented Javicia Leslie performs alongside a new character, Ryan Wilder, who finds the missing Kate Kane’s Batsuit and eventually becomes the mantle of Batwoman.

In Season 2, follows her as she goes from a victim of circumstances to a confident caped crusader who embodies what it means to be a hero.

“Ryan is a completely different character,” Leslie says.

“They’re so distinct that it naturally happens without me having to feel the need to lean more towards any kind of direction. We’ve done the work.

Talented Javicia Leslie character

” Caroline Dries, our amazing showrunner, has created her and the writers’ room have done such an amazing job creating this story that we can get lost in,” she added.

In keeping with Dries’ original intention for the series, Wilder is a queer woman and Leslie is openly an LGBTQ member in real life.

While Rose, who identifies as a lesbian, made history by portraying TV’s first openly lesbian Batwoman, the talented Javicia Leslie becomes the first Black woman to play the superhero.

“It’s an honour that me walking in my truth, me walking in my skin, me walking in my shoes opens doors for other people to be able to do that in the biggest capacity ever,” Leslie says.

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