Charlie Charlie game claims more as players admit horrified dark secrets -Video

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Charlie Charlie Pencil game claims more teen as alleged, players reveal seeing dark secrets before strangling themselves.

Being in a room with demons is already scary. Now the famous Spanish Charlie Charlie game gains popularity in Africa.

One of the inscriptions designed by creative minds over the centuries shaped around spirits and demons is Charlie.

Charlie is said to be a demon that is called upon to answer questions in an internationally popular game called Charlie Charlie game, which has seized the Internet.

The game requires weighing two pencils in a cross shape over the words “yes” or “no” on a paper.

Players ask questions meant to be answered by the spiritual and secret demon called Charlie, who influences the top pencil by rotating it.

The answers to the game determined the nature of the player as stated by the Spanish legends.

Back then, Charlie Charlie game players internationally reported being threatened and harmed by the presumably wicked demon, leading to the news that the Charlie game was deadly.

Several statements show that the game was connected to massive suicides and mass deaths, but the allegations were dismissed by the game developers.

The Game is now being played locally, gaining popularity among teenagers.

Charlie Charlie game testimonies

“We played that Charlie Charlie game and something mysterious occurred,” declares one called Joe, but he did not disclose further when examined by other Twitter users.

“That thing is real,” he says after being pushed.

On social media, most chats revolve around an unproven game, report that six Kenyan children have this week died after playing the game.

“That game is demonic guys, my pencils moved, but I couldn’t wait to finish because I was clasped by fear,” wrote one Dennis.

A young YouTuber named Legend Mash yesterday uploaded on his channel the encounter of an unknown boy playing the game.

“Charlie Charlie, are you there?” the boy asks twice before one of the pencils rotates 180 degrees to point to yes. The young man then appears to be gripped with shock and fear.

The video ends, and part two shows a choking and vomiting Charlie Charlie player, the same teenage lying on the ground being attended to by concerned friends.

The game was linked to Mexico, but Mexicans questioned by the BBC distanced themselves from it.

The game went internationally six years ago through the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge, making history after being retweeted over 1.6 million times.

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