Rapper Ssaru refutes being arrogant, features Timmy Tdat on her New Hapa Video

Rapper Ssaru new video

Rapper Ssaru refutes claims that she is arrogant. 

She is among the fastest rising Kenyan rappers at the moment.

Rapper Ssaru strongly disagrees after some of her fans that she is self-important, an element that sometimes is displayed through her lyrical delivery.

The Swagger and Nimerudi Tena star said her hard-core attitude is only an artistic expression that has nothing to do with her real character.

“I am not arrogant at all. I am very shy,” she said. 

The rapper hit headlines in 2021 after featuring in Timmy Tdat’s new video Hapa.

Rapper Ssaru character

Fans took to the social media accusing her of being so provocative and abusive in her talks and appearance.

What do you think?

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