2018 Nandy and Billnass sex XXX sexy Video resurfaces with a Promo

nandy and Billnass

Nandy and Billnass sex XXX Video resurfaced with a Promo after two years of Sex scandal in Tanzania.

After an XX video that went viral in 2018 from Nandy and his boyfriend William Lyimo AKA Billnass, more has resurfaced with being the latest.

The Bongo superstar is alleged to have been approached by lingerie companies across Africa for advertising their products.

Nandy and Billnass

Tanzanian sensational musicians Nandy and Billnass came after much scrutiny and criticism after her XX tape leaked and went viral for almost three weeks.

Nandy and Billnass tape video

The former Coke studios contestant hit her countrymen after a video of her and Billnas in a steamy bedroom session found its way to the web.

The companies now want Nandy and his fiance Billnass to take the deal and be the first couple to have such advertisements deals across Africa.

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