Baba Levo -I will fight with anyone insulting Diamond Platinumz

Baba Levo

Bongo artist Baba Levo Fundi Manyumba has declared war on anyone who dares to speak ill or insult his boss Bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

He also added that doing so is tantamount to playing with his daily bread.

The Wasafi FM Presenter has claimed that Diamond has paid more than 28 Million for his #Shusha Video, without demanding a refund of even Cent.

So the act shows the great love he has for him and the way he decided to help him in music and his entire life in general.

Baba Levo message

“I officially announce, if you happen to insult my boss Diamond Platnumz or you wrong him just you know you have officially signed War with me, ” he said.

Baba Levo wasafi fm Presenter photo
Baba Levo wasafi 1

“I don’t care if you call me lice, bugs, bedbugs or ticks, the main thing is he is my senior, he pays me a salary of millions and will protect that no matter what it takes, ” Baba Levo said.

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