Is she Pregnant? Glowing Shakilla fall sick on Eric Omondi wife material show

Shakilla 1 Shakilla

Wife Material show actor Eric Omondi trolled by fans after a controversial socialite Shakilla fell sick in Malindi.

Fans accused Eric Omondi of exploiting the participants. 

The Wife material show has nine ladies chosen from among dozens who posted online.

Voting has now begun on who suites eric Omondi as the show reach episode 6 before Shakilla fall sick. 

” Is she Pregnant? Those are symptoms of Pregnancy, ” a fan posted.

” She has never been loved and felt it. She is paged or feel like being dumped, ” Sammy Muraya Njogu posted.

In a posted with a Video that caused a stir online, Eric Omondi said he could not sleep because of Shakilla fever.

” I didn’t sleep the whole night???? Spent the night at the E.R with the love of my life @i.am_shakilla, ” Eric Omondi Posted. 

Socialite Shakilla with eric Omondi
Shakilla and Eric 1

” Maybe she’s pregnant, ” Grace Anna said.

Episode six of Wife Material reality show will be on air from 8.00 PM today.

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