Slay Queen actress Angel Mazanda surprises her fans on her new guy

Angel Mazanda 1 Angel Mazanda

Bongo actress Angel Mazanda surprised her fans after alleging that her colleague was forcing his way to her life.

The Slay Queen Series actress claimed that an ally has been going back and forth claiming that he won the actress’s heart.

However, the Danga Series actress with Idris Sultan explains that after a series of moves, the man became angry and resistant.

” Respect a personal decision. We have different lives, ” she said.

“Though you are my friend, you understand me better. I’m rocking though but I may have someone, ” she added.

Actress Angel Mazanda photo

” Do not force anyone with anything. Life is conscience and real conversation but not about forcing things, ” she added.

Actress Angel Mazanda has kept her life private. Despite being sometimes in the rocks, she has come out with the tides flow.

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