Rapper Sosuun divorces Kenrazy Mbilikimo Mkora over toxic in-laws

Rapper Sosuun

Kenyan female rapper Sosuun announces that she has decided to part ways with her husband fellow rapper Kenrazy over in-laws.

In a lengthy post shared on Instagram, Sosuun described how in the last ten years she has had to endure toxic in-laws.

” To the love of my life I am sorry I had to open up like this but for once I had to choose myself…Make it a priority to Love yourself, ” she said.

Rapper Sosuun message

In-laws have been abusing her over small issues. According to her, over the ten years, her life has been a small hell with Mbilikimo Mkora hit maker Kenrazy.

He decided to mute on all cases she reported being chastised by the in-laws.

” I have reported several cases to their son. He has been ignoring everything, ” she said.

Rapper Sosuun
Rapper Sosuun kenrazy

She is fed up living with Kenrazy and has decided to move on in a stress-free life.

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