A Lady exposes how Stacy Kirui accused her of rape, abuse on commercial street vending

Stacy Kirui 1 stacy kirui

Stacy Kirui is a Nairobi-based storyteller who is keen on exploring black matters and bed business.

A lady explains how a commercial worker Stacy Kirui manipulated her until she almost gave up her life.

Stacy blackmailed Marie until some of her friends rescued her.

“It is the insidious manipulation, collapsing of heavy language and unjustified escalation of an internal conflict that has brought some of us to these horrific revelations, ” Marie said.

“My inboxes are now crowded with people who didn’t care to listen to me when I cried for help when I tried to communicate how I had suffered at the hands of Stacy Kirui, ” she added.

Stacy blackmailed young girls and lured them to her commercial street business(body hawker).

“Many of whom cut me off abruptly and callously, who isolated me from online and real-life spaces, who caused incalculable amounts of injury. Let me be clear: I am not forgiving any of you. I am only acknowledging your decency to apologize, ” Marie further revealed.

“Had this moment not come, none of you would have paid me and the rest of us injured by Stacy Kirui true concern, ” she added.

Stacy Kirui disagreement

“I’ll spare the details because the Lord knows it’s a mountain of inconsistencies and lies but in short: Stacy Kirui wrongfully accused me of slut-shaming her of being a rape apologist and an abuser, of abandoning her at an event yet I was equally incapacitated, all because of a disagreement we had in October 2018, ” Marie exposed.

“I haven’t even touched on financial abuse. I bore a lot of it as her close friend and feminist comrade, ” she said.

“I am pained. Extremely so. I have had to exhibit strength, to research more about abuse and destruction because of this minor conflict that was inflated into abuse, ” she added.

“I’ve fought to distort my reality on many instants. I‘ve had restless nights and moved with scepticism for over two years now. Stacy Kirui (and her enablers) were successful at halting my life but I’m still alive, ” Marie revealed.

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