[PHOTOS] Bongo Movie star Aunty Ezekiel new look boosts her new venture

Aunty ezekiel 1 Bongo movie star Aunty Ezekiel

Bongo movie star Aunty Ezekiel new looks boost her new fashion venture.

Some photos went viral after attending Bongo upcoming artist Kusah.

The controversial movie star made a name with several superstars from Fake Smile Movie with the late Stephen Kanumba.

Bongo movie star Aunty Ezekiel business

Later, she steered Cops Enemy with Wema Sepetu and Cold Wind with Vincent Kigosi and Jenifer Mwaipaja.

She is expecting another child despite critics from other bongo movie stars like Wema Sepetu over her lifestyle.

She is expecting baby number three after divorcing with Demonte.

Aunty Ezekiel, despite being married to Demonte, she had a child with Mose Iyobo.

Last year Aunty Ezekiel reconciled with Mose Iyobo and divorced with Demonte despite having a child.

She says the current husband who was her first husband has enabled a good environment for her businesses to thrive.

Bongo Movie star Aunty Ezekiel

The controversial actress hit headline since 2012 for dating Demonte while she was with Mose Iyobo.

Later after moving on, she was dating her ex-husband Mose Iyobo while Demonte was abroad in Dubai.

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