[VIDEO] Radio Citizen queen Jeridah Andayi speaks the uncomfortable truth on global Pandemic

Radio Citizen queen Jeridah Andayi 1 Radio Citizen queen Jeridah Andayi

Radio Citizen queen Jeridah Andayi surprises Kenyans with her humble motherly nature.

The Jambo Kenya host caused an online debate after spotted cleaning utensils while wearing waterproof gloves.

Kenyans could not relax and had to react to the video.

However, Jerida was talking about the rising COVID-19 numbers.

The keyboard warriors concentrated on the Waterproof gloves.

Living in leafy suburbs of Nairobi, the Radio Citizen presenter maintained a low profile with less drama.

Radio Citizen queen Jeridah Andayi message

” With the rising numbers of COVID-19, political meetings, rallies and other congregations need to be restrained and controlled,” she said.


“Kenyans are struggling to put food on the table due to the effects of the pandemic. All the gains have been thrown out to dust, ” she added.

Here is Gloves video trending. Watch it now.

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