[VIDEO] Muziki unalipa! Booming Bongo star Nandy counts thousands of cash in her BMW

Muziki unalipa nandy and billnass 1 Muziki unalipa

Muziki Unalipa!! Bongo star Faustina Charles Mfinaga alias Nandy surprises fans with bundles of Tanzanian Shillings stashed in her car. 

Bongo Flava music hits East African entertainment market with a thud.

Muziki unalipa

With her fiance Billnass, Nandy stashed 10 bundles of Tsh 500,000 each in her car for fueling, lunch and snacks.

Billnass on the other hand said he does not deal with money. Money is controlled and managed by his fiancée Nandy.


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Nandy is known for hits like Kivuruge, Ninogeshe, Nyanyasa, Kongoro among others.

Several lorries and trucks are on the list at TRA with Billnass name. 

Muziki Unalipa Nandy na Billnass
Muziki unalipa Nandy and bilnass

There have been rumours that Billnass has also shifted gear towards importing and selling vehicles apart from doing music.

Music pays if well managed. Nandy has been trending in Tanzania for a week during her new hit launch yet to be revealed.

Watch the video of Nandy counting money in her new BMW car that left fans in a crossroads.

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