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A newlyweds couple was accused of disrespect on their wedding day by their respective parents and the bishop.

The newlyweds started an intimate dance that was not called for by the priest and termed it disrespect to the witnesses.

” Everyone has feelings and its improper to show it in a dance style,” the priest said.

” We have kids, respected people and others. That can only happen at home. In your house,” the furious priest said.

The viral video ignited a debate online on how a couple can dance in their only wedding day.

Women motivational speakers say there is a cause of an alarm as nobody can control what to do on someone’s wedding day.

Newlyweds crazy video

” There is nothing wrong to have each other closer. It is your day. You can dance the way you want with no restrictions,” another one posted.

A wedding is a one-off function that never comes back with the same mate unless changed principle. However, irrespective of the multitude one can think maturely on what to do and dance.

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