[VIDEO] Tunda Cappuccino trend over her exclusive video selling headscarf

Tunda Cappuccino Tunda Cappuccino

Bongo Flava video vixen Tunda Sebastian, also known as Tunda Cappuccino, responded angrily to those who had negative things to say about her new boutique.

The Vixen says some of her friends have been a thorny issue with her business. She added that everyone is free to do whatever business one is comfortable to handle.

Following the publication of a video on Instagram depicting milk gallons colliding with one another, Tunda has been climbing to the top of the celebrity charts in Tanzania.

She has been getting deals and well-known artist signatures on their upcoming videos and advertisements.

Reports indicate that she has been seeing a Nigerian tycoon after an allegation of dating bongo Flava star Diamond Platinumz.

Tunda Cappuccino

Despite the fact that Tunda possesses a good singing voice, she believes that it is best for her to first appear in celebrity videos before even considering a career in music.

She has been in a constant backlash with Diamond Platinumz ex-girlfriend, Hamisa Mobetto.

Hamisa explains that Tunda was the reason she broke up with her ex-hubby Diamond.

Tunda Cappuccino

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