Switch TV queen Kush Tracey explains why life with a man is always stressful

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Kush Tracey explains why life with a man is always stressful? After dating Timmy Tdat and couple others, she opens up what she was going through.

Being single is happier than when dating. Huwezi Nidandia star Kush Tracey explains how dating Timmy TDat was so stressful than being without one.

Kush Tracey photos

“After leaving dating, I’m now happy, my life has changed, ” she said.

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“Surrounding yourself with ver resourceful people is very good for your health. It has worked for me. It is not that than what works for me will also work for you, ” she added.

There have been rumours that she was dating one of the Nairobi Tycoons and secretly made her moves with connections from her mates at ChatSpot.

Kush Tracey photos

” Surround yourself with people who make you better rather than bitter, ” she posted on Instagram.

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